Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More polocrosse

Our lesson today was in the morning instead of night, since we're on spring break. No missing dinner for me! Our trainer taught us more about polocrosse - but this time, we were in the saddle! woo-hoo! Well, we also did a lot on the ground to get used to catching, throwing, picking up, and cradling the ball. Lots of fun, although my throwing will need a lot more work.... My hand and arm were tired by the end of the lesson. It was a 2 hour lesson, but we spent a lot of time on the ground learning practicing the moves. When we were in the saddle, it was mostly walking and trotting with the horses, since we're just learning this sport. I hope the club does start doing bimonthly polocrosse clinics/chukkahs (A chukkah is like the "period" of the game).

My spring break has been pretty lazy. I have gotten a start on my projects I want to get done during break, but I still have a lot more to do. I gave myself Saturday and Sunday off, Monday I did some work, and yesterday I went to my friend Linda's house to help her with gardening. She has a very small back yard, and just had a couple corners partitioned off for her garden. We planted carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, spinich, cauliflower, and radishes. Her fiance had tilled on Saturday, at least that was done! We added some top soil, planted, set up the trellices, set up the soaker hose, and set up the fence. All in all, only about 2 hours of work. The rest of the day we watched movies. And her fiance cooked us chinese for dinner, yum!

My mom has a very big garden at home (some pictures at, and I never really enjoyed helping her out with the work; the weeding was the worst! I never thought I would enjoy gardening, but working in a very small garden like that I enjoyed. Go figure. As if I wasn't already enough like my mom... Not that that's a bad thing, I love my mom. I would just like to be more unique!

Well, now that I've caught up on my blog a little bit, I should really get working on those lab reports... yay...


  1. hello, I am part of APA (american polocrosse association) the National group of polocrosse players. I'd love to find out who your trainer is so I can plug them into local clubs here in Maryland. You can email off line at

  2. That Polocrosse does sound like fun Colleen! I would betired as well, 2 hours!

    Thanks for coming by my Allhorsestuff today. That tour took us to the statuer of Liberty and Ellis Island soo totally neat! The statues is HUGE-O!!!
    Hope you get to go sometime...I loved it, and that shocked me some!
    Have a great break!