Friday, March 13, 2009

Time to celebrate!

All right, Spring Break is finally here! I get a week off classes, although not off school in general since I'll be doing a lot of school work. But it's so nice to get that week off! I had a test today in physiology and I know I aced it! I think they wanted to give the class an easier test because the first two had such low averages. I also decided to drop Organic Chemistry for sure because I don't need it. One less stressor!

My riding lesson on Wednesday was, again, awesome. No more jumping, but we did some dressage, working on laterals (a new termed I learned for stuff that I had already been doing). We did some stirrupless riding, two point at the walk (I'm still sore from that today!). Then we did some bending, walking and trotting around in a circle. We did some cantering, but not much. I rode this big paint draft cross, he was so big and smooth. Responsive to aids, but not as sensitive as I like (well, what can you expect from a school horse? he's pretty good considering). Then we started working on laterals - half-passing, shoulder in, etc. I got a couple of nice compliments from our instructor - first she put me on the horse that had supposedly acted like a "dick" earlier, because she figured I could handle it. He was fine, no problems, though. Then she said that she didn't know what I was doing in the lesson program, that I should be one of the trainers! That was very nice to hear. I have a lot to learn, but it's nice to know that all my riding has paid off and is obvious. It's been a long time since I've done laterals, and even longer since I've worked on bending (not as applicable on the trail). My muscles knew what to do, though, and I haven't lost the touch for being able to tell when they're legs are crossing over under neath me. Hard to explain, but I can always feel when those legs cross over like they're supposed to!

We're going to have a lesson next Wednesday during spring break, but only 2 of us plus our instructor will be there (usually 4 students). So we thought we would do some polocrosse, and have a longer lesson. Start on the ground to get used to the net (stick? whatever it's called), then get on the horses and try throwing the ball around. I'm looking forward to it! I also met someone recently that lives about an hour away who has horses and is willing to let me ride one of hers. That's too far to go every week, but I think I'll go next week and get to ride on some trails! She's really into competitive trail riding (CTR) and endurance, and CTR being my true love with riding, I'm looking forward to riding with her.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Well hello there!
    I saw that you signed up to: "Follow/Lead/Share" on my blog..great.

    I really liked your post Friday! I am a lesson goirl too..with a green mare that hates the arena..think I will take some now with a lesson horse as I just(got forced out) moved from an arena to a stable without one. Jsut thousands of acres of trails!!!! I am very excited for this. My Thoughbred mare has no work ethic and was abused
    with a 30 day traing program so I have to use it sparingly so..or an outdoor one works well. She loves to jump though! Me too.

    I love using dressage on the should try it. I read that youn don't do bending out there..I sure do! I get her attention back... mostly with the dressage we've done inside.

    I look forward to reaidng more from you...have a lovely night,

  2. Hi KacyK!

    I always like finding new horse blogs, and I enjoyed your posts! Of course that means I spend that much more time on the computer not doing other things I should be doing...

    I am glad you are enjoying the trails! I love trail riding. I also lived in Oregon for two years, and really enjoyed it. Although I didn't do a lot of trail riding while I was there, the times I did go were really great.

    I hope as I learn more dressage I will be able to apply it to my trail riding. In the past I have used lateral felxion to get my horses attention, and I certainly use my leg aids a lot. Maybe I was using it and didn't know it, lol. This was my first time doning dressage.

    I'm enjoying your blogs, thanks!