Friday, April 24, 2009

Maryland Day!

Tomorrow is Maryland Day at the University of Maryland! It actually started as Ag Day, as I have been informed by every Ag student, faculty, and staff. The University stole it from us! Ok "stole" might be a bit of an extreme word, but it was the Ag College's idea first. It's this big open house with lots of activities going on. The Animal Husbandry Club is putting on a livestock show, where students show dairy heifers, pigs, and sheep. The Equestrian Club is doing a horse show, from in-hand to flat classes and jumping. The Collegiate 4-H club is selling fresh cookies & milk. Sigma Alpha is doing a kiss-the-pig fundraiser. In the past couple of weeks, everyone has been putting change in one of the faculty's jars, and whoever gets the most change has to kiss a pig at Maryland Day! I'll mostly be helping Equestrian Club and Collegiate 4-H. The AGNR (Agriculture and Natural Resources) college does grilling, where students from clubs help out with grilling for an hour (say the 4-H club has grilling from 2 to 3), and the club gets a percentage of the profits from the sales. I'll be helping the 4-H club with that. I would help Equestrian Club, too, but their grilling time is while I'm showing. Tonight I'm helping 4-H club bake the cookies that we'll be selling tomorrow. They'll be nice and fresh! We'll also have a couple toaster ovens going tomorrow, to have even fresher cookies!

I'm also showing in the Equestrian Club's shin-dig, an advanced walk-trot-canter equitation class. Wish me luck! I am excited. The only equitation classes I've done were 4-H classes, and it's been years and years since I have done an equitation class. I thought it would be fun to try it out. At my lesson on Wednesday, it was raining but we all wanted to ride since we couldn't ride last week (rain!). Since I'm riding in the show tomorrow, and I won't know what horse I'm riding until tomorrow morning, I rode all 4 of the horses in our lesson to get practice. I hope I get Junior! It was the first time I rode him, and he was a dream! Apparently he was pre-Grand Prix dressage when his owner got found out for tax fraud (or something), and the owner donated him to the club! So he is top-notch, and so smooth!

Update on the Sigma Alpha process: I am now officially a Sigma Alpha sister! We had to take a hard test, but we got a lot of help from our Bigs (a SA sister who helps you in the Membership Candidate process, my friend Linda was my Big). I passed, and apparently they think I'm SA material, because me and the two other women who were rushing were inducted into SA on Monday!

Well I thought I'd write a quick post, since I never did get caught up on my blog. Things have been crazy! And when I did get on blogger, I would read other people's blogs before I updated mine! This time, writing first, then reading.

No promises, but I plan on giving a low-down on everything that happened at Ag Day (I keep writing Ag Day instead of Maryland Day, and I wasn't even here when it was Ag Day!). Pictures, too, if I remember my camera! It should be a fun day.

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