Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hair cut win

I got my hair cut today! Very short. Very, very short. Look for yourself:



Like I said. Short! I love it, I think it turned out pretty well. The photos don't do it justice. I'm donating all that hair to Locks of Love. I hope some girl will really enjoy it.
I finished with finals on Monday; I got a C in Calculus (yay! I was in danger of a D), an A in Biology (yay!), a B- in Physiology lecture (yay!), and I'm not sure about Physiology lab yet (probably a B+ or A-). So time to celebrate! Cut my hair! It was so HOT having all that hair, this is so freeing.


  1. nice! I have donated to locks of love before as well. great cause! bet you will love it for the summer!

  2. What a cute cut! Isn't it amazing how a cute, short cut can just make you feel so much better? And feel COOLER! My hair is massively thick and curly and every summer I get it whacked off nice and short...but let it grow through the winter.

  3. Thanks Beth and Jenn! I am really enjoying it and have gotten many compliments. I have already noticed how much cooler it feels in the heat! I don't have such thick and curly hair (although it's thick enough), so I bet that you enjoy cutting yours even more than I did mine, Jenn!