Thursday, May 7, 2009

Procrastinating Perfectionist

I have been told that this is what I am. I am certainly a procastinator (big time), and I can be a perfectionist. I read an article one time about the different types of procrastinators, and there it was, the procrastination perfectionist (more than just nice alliteration). Apparently these people (of which I might be one) have a fear of not doing the job perfectly, and so they procrastinate doing the job because they only want to do it if they can do it perfectly. I don't think I'm on the extreme end of this, but it certainly fits me in many ways. I just typed it into google and got a lot more information about it, including a transcript of a talk that a professor did at Cal Tech.

I think that has been why I haven't updated my blog as often. I always feel so obligated to update everything I've been up to when I write my blog (for all 5 of my followers, yay, up from 2!). It has to be "perfect" - talking about everything that has been going on. Part of this is that I do want this to be an online record, or "resume" of the things that I'm doing, as I wrote about in my first post in the beginning of the year. Part of the problem is that this blog is replacing my journal (I have several floating around) that I have never been able to keep, but always wanted to. I think I have all those fictional books that are in journal/diary format stuck in my head and I am trying to follow that format. Which really isn't realistic. People don't really write that way. At least, not me! And that would be too much to write.

So, I am going to try and be better about being succint in my blogs, so that maybe I will write more often. I follow one of my friend's Livejournal blog, and she updates her blog with random thoughts. She doesn't write lengthy posts; sometimes her blogs are one lines. Once I start writing, I write a lot, generally, so I don't think that method would work for me. It also wouldn't follow my original plan for blogging. However, it does inspire me to write at least shorter blogs.


  1. lol you are talking about me.

    & :-p to perfectionism.

  2. lol yup I was talking about you.

    :-P to procrastination!