Friday, February 13, 2009


I wanted to write another "TGIF" post, but since I already used that title I thought it might be boring... but nonetheless... TGIF!! Today was a two-test day. I was looking through my schedule (where I have all my tests and paper due dates written down), and I will have a few more of those yet to come. I survived this one, now I just have to make it through the rest of the term.

Today I had a Calculus II exam, and an Animal Physiology exam. I tried to focus on the Calculus exam, because that is the subject I struggle more with, but I was much more interested in studing for Physiology. Even if it was mostly at the cellular level, and like biology. I like biology a whole lot more than calculus! I think I managed to do allright in both of them. Surprise, surprise. I didn't feel prepared for either one (that's what happens when your studying gets split), but when I sat down to do the calculus test the equation just flowed out of my pencil on some of them... Of course, on other questions I stared blankly and wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. But there was more of the former than the latter, so I'll call it a good test.

I skipped the class I had between Calculus and Physiology (Organic Chemistry), so that I could get in the Physiology mindframe. It seemed to work, because I knew most of the information, at least basically, on the test. I was upset about the matching section, though. The professor decided that we were supposed to know the dates associated with different important people in physiology. I don't remember what years Galen did his work! seriously! I thought this was a physiology class, not a history one... but I attempted answers based on process of elimination, so hopefully I got some of those right.

That was my last class of the day, so now I'm home winding down. And missing my husband. I can't even talk to him, because he left for a field exercise yesterday morning, and won't be back until sometime Sunday. So not only do I not get to be with my honey on Valentine's day, I don't even get to talk to him. I was at least able to talk to him on Valentine's day when he was in Iraq. Oh, well. There is good news, however...

Yesterday when I checked the mail I saw there was a UPS slip on our mailbox. I thought that was strange since I wasn't expecting any mail from UPS (just the general post). So I picked it up from the front office at our apartment complex, and saw that it was addressed to my husband. Well, ok. I opened it up, since he won't be home for another week, and I wanted to make sure it wasn't important. It was! He bought me a DIAMOND heart pendant necklace!! 3 little DIAMONDS nestled in there. Oh WOW!! I have never owned anything with diamonds before! It is so beautiful. So thoughtful. He bought it for me before he left so that I would have it by Valentine's day, completely as a surprise to me. Oh I love my husband (and not just because he bought me expensive jewelry, of course). Sorry ladies, he's taken. I can't stop looking at it, and touching it. Quite the treat for me. Now I'm afraid to wear it all the time, since I have the habit of losing and breaking things. But I will have to find an excuse to wear it soon. Maybe tomorrow, get all dressed up and try it on, to see how it looks. :)

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