Friday, February 6, 2009


My friend L asked me how my organic chemistry quiz went (I had class with her afterwards), and I said, "Well you could've done just as well as I did!" And she hasn't taken Organic Chemistry. 'Nuff said.

Last night I was studying for Orgo, and doing my calculus homework. So after I made dinner, I didn't do the dishes! :-o There is an upside to living by myself! I didn't have to feel guilty; there was nobody to care if I did them or not, except myself. I've never lived by myself before, and have never had this experience. When I left home, I was going to school and of course had roommates. Now I'm married and live with my husband, who is quite the neat freak (and a bit OCD about it!), so I was bad and a bit messy. Of course, I did the dishes first thing in the morning. I'm not a slob! It was nice to see a little positive about being here all by my lonesome in a strange city. Ha ha I really don't feel that sorry for myself. I just miss my honey.

Tomorrow I'm going to get a free lunch! It's a rush event for Sigma Alpha, the professional agriculture sorority. I've thought about joining, but I don't think I will this term, it would be that much more responsibility to worry about! I'm just using them for the food. :) Sigma Alpha is a good sorority, not your typical social sorority. I have quite a few good friends who are in the sorority, including my friend L I mentioned in the beginning of this post. But I'm already in the Equestrian Club and Collegiate 4-H, so I don't need another association to make time commitments to. hmm... do I sound like I'm trying to convice myself? We'll see. Free food tomorrow!


  1. Often, we don't get around to doing the dishes until the weekend. With 2 full time jobs, me in school part time, and taking care of the farm, the dishes are often on the bottom of the list. I never used to be that way. Hopefully when school is finished (about 2 years) I can do them more often.

  2. Dishes just don't seem that important when things are that crazy, do they?