Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I'm really enjoying these new phones that have internet on them. No, I don't have one. But my husband does. And my lab partner in Organic Chemistry does, too. Which is why I am writing this post.

So a few posts ago I complained about being sick... well guess what, I still am! Going on 9 days now. By Friday afternoon I was no longer having such a runny nose and teary eyes. Saturday and most of Sunday I felt good (Sunday was the one-week mark for the duration of my sickness). But then Sunday I started feeling really loopy and out of it, and I started getting a fever in the afternoon. I don't know if this is a continuation of the previous sickness, or I just got unlucky enough to get 2 in a row! When I woke up this morning, my fever was better (I don't know exactly how much better, we don't have a thermometer), but my eyelids were VERY puffy. Not the rest of my eyes, just my eyelids. It was very weird. I tried putting a cold wash cloth on them, but I couldn't hold it on there forever. After all, I had to go to class... and I had forgotten to finish my Organic Chemistry lap report, so I quickly did that before I went to class.

I decided I wanted to go to a doctor, the puffy eyelid thing was freaking me out a little bit, and my husband had told me that there is a clinic at Walter Reed starting at 7am. It was already 9:30, though, and those usually fill up. I called one of my husband's friends, and he said he thought they were filled up, but he wasn't sure and he would call me back. Of course he didn't! I thought I'd try stopping by the health center on campus after class, but I know that they only see people strictly with appointments, unless its a real emergency. So I was talking to my lab partner about this (yes, I'm finally getting to the point of the story), and she says, well you can make an appointment online (here I am thinking, yeah, which I can't do until I get out of lab anyway...), or call them. I don't have their number, and tell her so, and she says, I'll find it for you! She has one of those iphones with internet, so we got onto the university website and found their number. I could just click on the number and the phone gave me the option to call it. So I did! Unfortunately, they only had an opening at 2:15 today, and my lab goes until 3:30, so I couldn't go then. I made an appointment for tomorrow morning, though. Hopefully I'll be feeling better and/or they will be able to help me out.

Oh, the wonders of technology! It helped that the TA didn't care that I was on the cell phone. He didn't say anything, even when he walked right by me while I was talking on it, and I wasn't going to bring it up. I like my TA. He'll get a good review from me at the end of the class, lol.

Another wonder of technology is that my husband was able to IM me from his cell phone. He has a full keyboard on his cell, which means he can text a lot faster than I can on my cell. So when I got home and signed on to the messenger, I could IM back and forth with him, when he isn't able to be talking on his cell.

Ugh I'm getting the chills, feels like the fever is trying to make a comeback. So I'm off to get more tylenol...

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