Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ups & Downs

Well, it's been a few days since my last blog post, so I'd better catch those of you up who will eventually (I hope) read this...

Exciting news first: I got my English 101 exemption!! I turned it in Friday (the 30th) morning, around 9:30, and they sent me an email 12:30 telling me I got the exemption! hooray! I was at home when I got the email, so my poor husband got to see me jumping around for joy. It's just such a relief, since I put so much work into the portfolio, and that I won't have to put all that work into the class this term, and it saves me money in the long run; one less class I will have to take. This term will be hard for me; I am taking 16 credits: Organic Chemistry II (lecture and lab), Applied Animal Physiology, Calculus II, and Biology I (I added that after I dropped English), so it will be nice not to have to write all those time-consuming papers. Biology won't be too bad, I feel like I have a good handle on most of what they'll teach. At OSU, they accepted my IB scores so that I wouldn't have to take introductory biology, but here at UMD they aren't accepting them, I would have had to score one level higher (I got a 5 {out of 7}, they wanted a 6).

But I digress. As for dinner last Wednesday night, which I mentioned in my last blog post, my husband and I went to a Moroccan restaurant, which was very nice! There weren't many people there, it being a weeknight and all, and the food was good. I had lamb (not as good as my mom's cooking, of course) as the main course, and the baklava desert was excellent. Apparently my husband got a coupon for the dinner, from slickdeals.net, for restaurant.com. He bought a $50 certificate for $3!! Very cool. So that's why we went out for dinner.

My husband also bought a $50 coupon, that we were going to use to go out to dinner with a couple of his friends. We had to spend $100 to get $50 off, so he planned with 2 of his good friends (who are also in the army) to go out Saturday night, the four of us (a double date! I joked, they are both men). Well, they let us down. They went out and got completely wasted long before we were going out (reservations for 7 o'clock), and were in no shape to be doing anything. At 7 they were still at a bar somewhere, so reservations got changed to 7:30. Then they were trying to drive to our apartment (yes, completely drunk, unfortunately nothing I could do about it) using one of those navagators, but couldn't get the address in right. We gave up and canceled the reservations, and the guys went back to their drunken reveilries. It was so disappointing because we had been planning this all week, and my husband left today for 16 days, so they won't see him for a while (not that it affects them like it affects me, but still!). They were so irresponsible, and the ironic thing is that they are both around 30, almost 10 years older than my husband and I, go figure.

So that night my husband and I went to Circuit City, to check out the good deals since they are going out of business, then we went to dinner. We ended up just going to Fudruckers (spelling?), which is of course very tasty, if not exactly the steak dinner we were planning on. I could tell my husband was angry, but he didn't say anything about it, other than that we probably weren't going to hang out with them the next day for the Super Bowl like we'd planned. I'm not a big football fan anyway, I could barely name who was playing. I spent most of my weekend, definitely all of Sunday, reading my Animal Physiology textbook. As dry and difficult as it was to get through, it's a much better use of my time than the super bowl. Gee, can you tell I'm a nerd. "lol"

Like I said, my husband left today, so I'm feeling kind of sorry for myself. He won't be back until the 19th or 20th, so I'm alone in the apartment by myself. I've made a couple friends, but not really close ones, so I won't have a really good girlfriend to hang out with, like I did in Oregon when I felt sorry for myself being away from my husband (he was in Iraq).

I am going to go to my Equestrian club meeting now, hopefully that will cheer me up... it is about horses, after all!


  1. Hope this doesn't double post...

    Good news about the English course!

    Age is no guarantee of maturity; sorry your dinner plans went south.

    Y'all're a bit far south (haven't lived in that area in a long time!), or I'd introduce you to my wife and sisters; My wife, especially, knows what it's like to be married to a serviceman, which would've helped, I suspect.

    So - Hang tough, and maybe go curry some ponies or muck out a stall or two - it's good therapy.

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  3. Thanks! I'm glad I could convey my excitement about getting the exemption. :)

    Horses are good therapy... and this weekend I'll actually get to ride! Gotta show these New Englanders what westerners can do.

    Hopefully someday I will get to meet you and your family... any brother of AKDD's has to be wonderful! ;)