Saturday, February 14, 2009

Singles Awareness Day

Oh, my poor friend.

I got my friend Mallory addicted to the TV show "Heroes" last weekend. It's one of my favorite TV shows, and she came over to watch a movie last Saturday. Well, between us not being able to figure out the TV/speaker/DVD set up (as you know, my husband is gone), and the movies we DID want to watch not working... we ended up watching Heroes last weekend. Of course, I had to talk to my husband before we could get it to work... but we did. Mallory had never seen Heroes before, but had heard good things about it, and I had gotten the first two seasons on Blue Ray as a Christams present (from my husband who knows me oh-so-well). Long story short (too late), she came over again tonight to watch more Heroes. This is not why I say my poor friend. That was just a way to work in Heroes, which I like very much, but which has gone downhill in this third season.

I digress.

She came over as a girl's/movie/lonely night tonight, seeings how it's Valentine's Day, she doesn't have a boyfriend, and my husband gone. That she wanted to watch more Heroes helps as well. She's the one who called it Singles Awareness Day, and now I am finally getting to my point of why I feel sorry for my friend. I don't feel sorry for my friend because she's single, I feel sorry for her because it got rubbed in her face today!

She came over to my apartment tonight already saying that she was very aware of her single status today; two of her roommates have boyfriends. Well, the plan was we weren't going to talk about it much. But then I was so excited to show her my beautiful new necklace (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you can read my gushing in the previous post), and I told her the story about that. She didn't seem as excited, and then I realized I might be being a teensy bit insensitve about this... gah! I rubbed her singleness in her face. Oops.

I have been all whiney about my husband being gone, and not even being able to talk to him today, since he was on a field mission and couldn't have his cell phone on him. He called. Right in the middle of Heroes. Very good for me... but Mallory... My poor friend. Of course I was all excited to talk to him, and went to my room so she didn't have to hear me. But I'm pretty sure I was glowing for being able to talk to him. I have been dreaming about him the past couple nights (good and bad), which makes me miss him even more. Then he called back. Twice. The third time he said he called just to say he loves me again. Awww (*puppy dog eyes*). Insensitive me I tell her this after I get back from talking to him. Well, she didn't say anything, but I think that the girl's/movie/lonely night didn't quite work out the way it planned.

I did make her tacos. She'll get over it. I blame Halmark for the overmarketing of the holiday.

Meanwhile... I got to talk to my husband! hooray!

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