Sunday, February 8, 2009

That went well

No, really, it did! No sarcasm intended. I am talking about my riding evaluation, of course. I was all worried about picking up the correct lead, but I managed to do that alright. I also demonstrated my two-point (at trot and canter) and rounding at the walk. That would put me at the B level (A is the highest, E lowest), except I've never jumped before. The woman who did my evaluation said that B-level riders know how to do small cross rails. So she'll put me in B or C depending on where it would fit better into the schedule. I'm happy with that!

The Sigma Alpha rush lunch went well yesterday, too. There were only 2 of us rushes, and 16 or so other girls, who are already part of SA. My friend L (who is already in SA) calmed my fears about SA putting another big time commitment on me. It would mostly be meetings once a week, on Mondays. So I'm thinking more seriously about doing it. There are two more rush events that I could go to: one Monay at 5, a greenhouse tour; and one Wednesday at 5:30, Valentine's Crafts. I would like the one Wednesday better, so I could make my husband a Valentine's day card, but I also have a meeting at 5 that same day (for collegiate 4-H) that I don't think I'll be out of by then. We'll see.

I'm sick today, so my brain is very fuzzy. I still have lots of homework to do that I didn't get to yesterday... So enough (fun) writing for now... back to the books!

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