Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tears of joy? pain? no... just plain sickness!

Ugh I have that nasty cold again. It seems like it must be the exact same one I had over Thanksgiving, but I'm supposed to have antibodies to that one, right? I got sick Sunday and it's still hanging on. First it was sore throat and general fuzziness... now it's congestion and fuziness (thank goodness the sore throat was gone yesterday). After I got back from classes today, my eyes started running like I just had my heart broken. This might even be worse than what I had over Thankgsiving... I don't remember my eyes tearing up this bad! At least it waited until after I was away from the crowds of school, and I didn't have people asking if I was ok.

I have my first riding lesson tomorrow (yay!), so I hope that I'll be feeling better. Although the first week is only ground lessons, so maybe a little less tiring. I ended up getting placed in the B level, and there are only 3 other girls in the lesson with me. Nice and small! Most of the lessons are 3 or 4 people, since the club only has 7 horses and want to keep them sound. Last term most of the horses went lame! I hope this doesn't happen this term, poor babies.

I finally got a profile picture up! My lap top died while I was home on Christmas break, and it had to wait until I was back in DC to get it fixed. Well, I (my husband) got it fixed. It's still under warranty so we took it to a shop. I got it back last Friday, and this weekend I backed up the files and restored it to factory settings. It had been running very slow even before it crashed. Well, that all went well, but now I can't get the interent to work on it! I keep forgetting to ask my husband about it during our daily phone calls, too. Maybe I'll remember tonight... Fortunately, my husband has a very nice PC I've been using. Since I backed up my files I can put a picture of my horse up. This is the horse I got for my 12th birthday, that my mom is taking care of back home in Alaska while I'm at school.

Can you tell we were having fun in the mud? This was when I was home for 10 days in Alaska last summer. I went on a trip with my mom to Ninilchick and a group ride they were doing there. This picture is courtesy of my mom. Check out her website:

It hasn't been updated in a while, but it still has some interesting things on there.

In this one my horse is actually being good and not trying to eat grass while we pose for a picture...but I look like I'm about to scratch my nose or sneeze or something. I wish I were good at photoshop, because then I could just combine the two and get one amazing picture! The view was very beautiful.
Enough procrastinating on reading for physiology... back to the books!

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